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MEDIA PLANING SERVICES is made up of professional media research consultants rendering the following services:

  1. Conducts and/or procures research findings which are then formatted and bundled with appropriate software;
  2. Provides quality control oversight for contracted research work.
  3. Publishes formatted research results of audience measurement studies for marketing/media planning.
  4. Licensing of specialized marketing and media planning software and
  5. Provides associated consultancy training and support services for media planning, buying and control.

    These services are provided to
  6. Advertisers (Manufacturing/Service-based Companies)
  7. Media & Advertising Agencies
  8. Media Owners (Television & Radio Stations, Newspaper houses).
  9. Program Content Developers & Marketers

We offer two major research products for subscription and two software for licensing:

For Data:
All Media & Product Survey (AMPS)

Television Audience Measurement Survey (TAMS)
Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS)

For Softwares:
MediaStar for diary based media planning.
ESPRI for marketing planning

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